A quick Twittorial on building your brand on Twitter

At this very moment, there are over 316 million monthly active users on Twitter. There are also roughly 500 million tweets per day. Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. Twitter is used to stay up to date on current trends,
insights, and also build a name, brand and reputation. Those that are using it effectively, are likely getting in front of the right people, being heard and essentially driving their business. We are talking about getting your content shared, driving traffic to your blog or website and engaging with potential clients. All of this can happen once you start utilizing Twitter to brand yourself and your business. You may be thinking, “how do I use Twitter to build my brand?”

Below are some tips that can help you build your brand on Twitter:

• Make sure that the content you are sharing is easily understood (or simple!). Be straight to the point and helpful.

• Share engaging information! We cannot stress this enough. You want to make sure that your time spent on social media is productive. People will not care to read your content if it is not valuable. Keep sharing quality information, and soon you will become that resourceful guru in your industry.

• Always be responsive – reply to comments, complaints, suggestions, shout outs, mentions, etc. Acknowledge it all! People get nervous with negative comments. Negative comments essentially provides you with an opportunity to validate your knowledge! Worst thing you can possibly do is ignore a comment!

• Build your following! – Share content, be active, follow centres of influence, connect with people in your industry and you will see that people will start to follow you and appreciate what you are sharing.

• Be reciprocal – eventually once you start sharing good quality content, you will notice that other people will be sharing your content as well. You will want to reciprocate and share as well. If there is someone in your network that tweets something valuable or that you appreciate, share it, mention them. This creates relationships!

• Engage and stay engaging – this does not mean you need to share 25 posts daily, but to grow your brand, you have to be active enough that you are consistent, timely and relatable.

• Think your tweets through – make sure that you are not posting anything that can offend anyone, or that you will regret later. Remember that once you share a tweet, it becomes public and you can’t take it back.

• Be yourself! The most authentic brands are real and trustworthy. Be honest, follow your word, be consistent, listen, be personable, be yourself!

• Have fun with Twitter! – Don’t think of it as a job; think of Twitter as an ongoing social event! Connect with people, add value, be consistent and enjoy!

If you would like some further information on growing your brand through the use of Twitter, or do not have a Twitter account, but want one, do not hesitate to contact us!