5 Elements of a Successful Brand

Do you know what it takes to build and maintain a successful brand? It is about more than just getting eyeballs on your website.

A strong branding strategy encompasses five key elements:

  1. Logo, Colour, Slogan

These elements represent the image you want to portray to your prospective client base. They are the unique elements that allow you to stand out from the crowd and ensure that when people think of a certain product or service, they think of you. When fleshing out the brand’s logo, the coloring and your tagline or slogan, you will want to incorporate core values, the industry and the purpose of your brand.

  1. Core Messaging

The core message should seek to answer two main questions:

  1. Who are you
  2. Who are you here to serve?

With answers to those questions in mind, you should construct your mission statement as if you are speaking directly to your intended client base. Endeavor to connect with them in a way that says, “I know what you’re going through, and I will help you by providing X.” Your core messaging should be evident in every communication you have with your clients, staff and investors.

  1. Reputation

Your brand’s reputation represents public opinion. Factors like community involvement, employee satisfaction, investor relationships, corporate culture and client interactions all contribute to your reputation. Having a good reputation ensures loyalty from your clients and builds the public’s confidence in your product/service. Cultivating a reputation as a “trustworthy” brand will drive growth and increase profits.

Social media, content marketing, traditional public relations and search engine optimization are all tools that can be utilized to build your brand’s reputation.

  1. Brand Promise

Your clients, employees and the public should be able to rely on your brand to deliver on a key value or set of values. It might be customer care that goes above and beyond, high-quality services and goods, or the best bargain in town. Regardless of what the actually promise is, a celebrated brand shows a consistent, unwavering commitment to their brand promise. No matter what, people should be able to rely on your brand to uphold that promise.

  1. Client/Prospective Client Listening

How do your clients and prospective clients feel about your products or services? Are they satisfied? Impressed? Are there any problems or issues they have encountered that you should know about? The answers to these questions are what client listening is all about.

Gather feedback from the people who enlist your services. Make sure they feel heard and that their concerns are being considered and addressed. Don’t ignore negative feedback, and don’t take positive feedback for granted. Touch base with your clients frequently to gauge how well your brand is meeting their needs and to address any issues they might have. Use this information to improve and grow.

The five elements of branding aren’t isolated components to be checked off individually. They represent a multi-level approach to building a sustainable and successful brand.

Unsure of how to incorporate these elements into your business model? Feel free to contact us and we can help you out!