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We are experts in creating digital marketing solutions for lawyers and law firms in North America.

We work with lawyers and law firms to market their practice, reach targeted audiences, increase exposure and lead generate. Grow your firm/practice’s brand online.

We manage in excess of $150,000 per month in digital ad spend for lawyers/firms (including social and Google) 

How We Assist Law Firms and Lawyers Achieve Their Goals

SocialEyes Communications dedicates a great deal of time to the research and discovery phase, digging deep to understand your law firm, your overall objectives and expected goals. What value are you seeking from a digital marketing agency? Where are the gaps? Who is your ideal target market and how can we best reach them? 

The answers to these questions sow the seeds of a custom, multidimensional strategy aimed at quantifiable results. 

Our clients can expect results within the first 3 months of working together. We also believe in complete transparency, and have a streamlined reporting process so that clients are fully apprised of both goals and results. 

What Sets SocialEyes Communications Apart?

Digital marketing has forever changed the landscape for the legal profession. In today’s technologically advanced world, consumers have become reliant on instant gratification – they want answers 24/7. Social media and digital marketing has had a direct effect on how lawyers and firms operate – from forging relationships to conducting business from the office to the courtroom. 

At SocialEyes, we recognize that the power of digital marketing has exposed the legal industry to a multitude of business opportunities – it is important to be where your prospects are – and that is online.

We have experience in marketing lawyers and firms effectively and we know the intricacies of law firm marketing.

Google AdWords / Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Services for Law Firms and Lawyers

We specialize in managing Google AdWords campaigns for law firms and lawyers throughout North America. Our goal is to provide the highest return on investment (ROI) and assist in each firm’s lead generation and client acquisition strategy.

We proudly manage in excess of $100,000 monthly specifically for law firms and lawyers across North America. Our trusted Google Ads Certified team of experts manage more than $5 million each month in Google Ads.

How Can Google Ads Help Your Firm Acquire More Clients?

Google is the largest search engine globally. The first place that a client or prospect will go to vet a lawyer and/or their firm is on Google.

Google Ads are designed to target your ideal prospect while they are conducting their research. The online platform allows users to create and utilize ads to reach very targeted audiences that are interested in the services you provide (for example “best personal injury lawyer located in Miami, Florida”).

The platform runs on a pay-per-click (PPC) model – which is why it is so important to hire experts who understand the algorithms and know how the process works. It can be very easy to blow large budgets on Google AdWords if you are not trained in Google Ad strategy.

How Can We Help?

We work with our clients to build a Google Ads strategy based on your area of practice, geographic location, competitors, business goals and truly understanding the types of clients you are looking for.

We want to get you the highest return on your investment!

We invest a great deal of time into research and development of all client’s campaigns (understanding the keywords relevant to your ideal prospective client, setting up proper campaign structure, and geo-targeting), so that you only pay for keywords and clicks that are optimized for conversion.

How Do We Measure Results?

We set up conversion tracking for all clients!

This means that we go through a process of setting up conversion tracking on your website and phone call tracking logs so that we are able to quantify every single lead that has landed on your website, called or filled out a form as a result of our Google Ad campaigns.

We provide monthly reporting to clients so that they are well-informed on how their ad dollars are being spent and the results that are coming out of it.

3 Main Goals For Your Firm or Practice

Phone Calls

We want to increase the volume of higher-converting phone calls utilizing Google Ads’ call button which allows users to click your phone number from within the ad.

Landing Page Views

We want to navigate higher-converting web visitors over to your website – to explore your service offerings, learn more about your firm, land on the contact form or consult form with Google Ads that direct people to your website.

Form Completions

We want prospective clients filling out your website form, free consult form, etc., with Google Ads optimized for form completions.

Our 4 Step Google Ads Process


Research and Discovery

We spend a great deal of time delving into your firm and business, competitors, keywords, spend, etc., so that we are well informed of the playing field.


We come up with a strategy, website optimization suggestions and monthly estimate that we feel would be effective for your firm and/or practice.

Ad Copy and Creative

We develop headlines and descriptions for your Google Ad campaign launch (you will approve before we launch!).

Conversion Tracking

We set up Google Tag Manager in order for us to track conversion and report on analytics and results of your campaigns.

We then manage, monitor, tweak and report on a monthly basis!

Get More Clients from Google Ads!

Google Ads is an effective tool for any lawyer or firm that is interested in enhancing retainers!

Case Studies


Criminal Defence Firm, Toronto, CANADA

*12 months of results*

  • Total social audience has tripled in 12 months on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Cost per lead has decreased 34%
  • Clicks to website increased over 50% in 12 months
  • Clicks to website from social media range from .25 cents to .51 cents per click
  • Click through rate (CTR) has increased over 100% in 12 months
  • Conversions (leads) increased over 60% in 12 months
  • Conversion rate increased over 8% in 12 months
  • Over 30,000 engagements on social media in 12 months (clicks, comments, shares, likes, etc.)


Personal Injury Firm, Philadelphia, US

*6 months of results*

  • Total social audience has increased 22 percent in the first 3 months 
  • Social media cost per lead has decreased from $77 per lead to $42 per lead in the first 60 days
  • Average 30 day reach: 385K people
  • Clicks to website increased over 30% in 6 months
  • Clicks to website from social media range from .21 cents to .81 cents
  • Social media engagement increased 106% in the first 30 days
  • Over 20,000 engagements on social media in 6 months (clicks, comments, shares, likes, etc.) 


Family Law Firm, Toronto, CANADA

*6 months of results*

  • Total social audience has increased over 200% in one year on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIN
  • Clicks to website increased over 375% 
  • Click through rate (CTR) has increased over 40% in 6 months 
  • Impressions have increased over 300% in 6 months
  • Conversions (leads) increased 336% in 3 months 
  • Clicks to website from social media range from .11 cents to .52 cents per click
  • Over 17,000 engagements on social media in 6 months (clicks, comments, shares, likes, etc.) 

The Importance of Your Law Firm Branding

At SocialEyes, we believe that a law firm’s brand will form their reputation and enhance opportunity for client conversion. It is important for firms and attorneys to build a brand and presence that will enhance credibility-building practices. A law firm’s brand and reputation is important for both firm growth and client retention purposes.

In today’s digitally enhanced world, clients are conducting more and more research online prior to making purchase decisions. This means that other firms that have a strong brand or online presence, have a better chance of being found online (and winning business), if you are not optimizing your firm’s digital marketing or law firm marketing. As our world changes and advances, so must your law firm’s digital marketing practices.

What exactly is law firm branding?

A brand is how others identify with your business – it is essentially everything from your logo, colours and fonts, but also your competitive advantage, service details, tone, voice and will eventually formulate your reputation.

Working on a strong law firm brand is important to raise awareness, enhance exposure and will work towards attracting prospective clients.  

How to Create a Strong Law Firm Brand?

There are various elements that make up a strong and effective law firm brand (or attorney brand if you are a sole practitioner).

There are tangible and intangible elements of your brand.






Any visual elements




Brand Story

Brand Promise

Service details

Competitive edge

To start, it is important to define your firm’s competitive advantage. What is your brand promise? What is the value that you bring to your clients? What sets you apart and how do you stack up against your competitors? The answers to these questions will form your brand story.

Next, you can move on to your tangible elements, such as creating a memorable logo, colour palette, etc.

The creation of a brand guide will assist in establishing your brand and consistency across multiple mediums, including your law firm’s digital marketing, but also how your firm (and your firm’s lawyers/attorneys) communicate about your firm, position themselves (both online and offline) and establish uniformity.

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New York Weekly - Marly Broudie Sheds Light on the Power of Taking a Leap of Faith
New York Weekly - Marly Broudie Sheds Light on the Power of Taking a Leap of Faith


“I reached out to Marly from SocialEyes in 2020 and got things started during a pandemic, when things weren’t very clear about how my business would prevail. Marly and her team at SocialEyes helped me think out of the box.

We tested and tailored strategy a few times, but found an effective way to market my practice and offer virtual closings as a value-add to clients and prospects. The team is always open to brainstorming and always
goes above and beyond.”

J.L., Business Law Firm, Managing Partner

“Marly and the team at SocialEyes Communications are dynamic and creative when it comes to creating marketing campaigns that is optimized for both lead generation but exposure that will generate leads organically as well.

I have been very satisfied working with the SocialEyes team and continue to see proven results.”

R.M., Employment Law Firm, Managing Partner

“I have been working with the team at SocialEyes for over 4 years now and they do not disappoint. They are always thinking of new and dynamic ways to elevate my business through the use of digital marketing.”

S.J., Employment Law Firm, Sole Practitioner

“The SocialEyes team has keen insight into nuances of my business and have been very creative in crafting effective marketing campaigns that develop strong messaging for my firm that deliver results.”

J.N., Criminal Defence Firm, Managing Partner

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