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About us

SocialEyes Communications is a digital marketing and business development firm. We view ourselves as an extension of your business. Our goal is to help each client increase exposure and reach, ultimately driving growth and business.

Lawyers and Law Firms

We work with lawyers and law firms to market their practice, reach targeted audiences and increase exposure. Grow your firm/practice’s brand online.


What makes you different than your competitors? We work with realtors to optimize their individual brand and target market accordingly.

Financial Service Advisors

We work with insurance advisors, mortgage brokers and other financial service providers to target market, optimize reach and build exposure.


We work with home builders and developers to discover sales solutions through the power of digital marketing.


We believe that each business and professional operates differently and so should their digital marketing. We create and implement made-to-measure digital marketing strategies as a means of telegraphing your expertise, knowledge and brand to a targeted online network.

Social Media Management


We believe that each business and professional operates differently and so should their social media strategy. We analyze your current social media presence and work with you to establish goals and objectives. We then conduct a competitor analysis so that we can customize an approach that suits you, your business and implements best practices within your industry.


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Social Media Ad Management


Due to the enormous amounts of content being shared on social media platforms, organic reach has decreased exponentially. As a result, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are compelling brands to compete for space in a newsfeed– which in turn forces companies to spend money to communicate with their target audience. Without a social media advertising strategy, reach is limited to direct followers – and in most circumstances, followers won’t necessarily see your company’s posts.


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Brand Development


A company’s brand goes far beyond a business name and logo. A brand is
 what sets your business apart from competitors. It acts as your company’s personality, and likely the most important element of your business. It is driven by the vision and direction of the business and is also the epitome of how clients and prospects perceive your offerings. Your brand drives your reputation.


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Lead Generation


SocialEyes Communications will work with you and your business to determine a target audience and a lead generation program. We utilize digital platforms to acquire contact information and aim to optimize your current sales funnel. Since this form of lead generation is done online, it allows for testing different markets, audiences and is easier to track outcomes. It is important to have a process in place to properly handle online leads, and our team is equipped and capable of helping our clients implement best practices.


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Case Study

Employment Law Firm

  • Started in 2018 with no social media presence whatsoever.
  • Today, that same firm has over 8000 combined social followers and receives organic Direct Messages for retainer of service.

Wills and Estates/Real Estate Law Firm

  • Started in 2016 with no social media presence.
  • Today, the firm generates leads online, and uses digital marketing platforms as main source of advertising and marketing to retain business.


  • Started in 2017 with less than 500 followers on Facebook, no Instagram profile and no social strategy.
  • Today, same realtor has over 4,000 FB Followers, just under 3000 Instagram Followers AND has acquired listings via Social Media use

Ontario Premier Home Developer

  • Started in 2017 with minimal social presence and no streamlined strategy for lead generation or sales.
  • Today, social media and digital marketing is the sole marketing strategy for the company, generating leads and sales as well as nurturing networks and engagement.

Vancouver Disability Management Firm

  • Started in 2016 with no social presence and a very dated website
  • Website is modern, fresh and optimized for lead generation
  • Newsletters attract high open rates and inquiries
  • LinkedIn strategy has resulted in high engagement rates, source for recruitment opportunities
  • Social media has proven to be a source of information or both clients and prospect, as well as an effective recruitment tool.

Featured In

New York Weekly - Marly Broudie Sheds Light on the Power of Taking a Leap of Faith
New York Weekly - Marly Broudie Sheds Light on the Power of Taking a Leap of Faith


How do you cut through the noise online?

Now it is about reaching the right audience with the right content.

SocialEyes Communications will work with you and your business to determine a target audience and a program that is right for you and your business objectives.

What our clients say about us

Adelson and Weiss, Realtors in Toronto, ON (Mark Adelson)

“Brandon and I have been using Social Eyes Communications since November 2016 and they have not disappointed. Prior to hiring SocialEyes, our online presence was a discombobulated mess of half-finished websites and amateur social media sites. Marly and her team promptly helped us merge our websites into one and set us up with professional looking social media pages. Since then, we are proud of our online image and have seen our presence grow beyond what we could have done on our own. They have also opened up more time for us to concentrate on servicing our client’s and continuing to grow our business. ”

Joseph Neuberger (Founder), Neuberger and Partners LLP

“The SocialEyes team has keen insight into nuances of my business and have been very
creative in crafting effective marketing campaigns that develop strong messaging for my firm, that delivers results. “

Adam Weiner & Associates (Adam Weiner)

““If you are done posting a couple of times a day and not seeing results, or fed up with the rollercoaster of followers fluctuating, or you have no voice and no clear design idea of your social media, then you have to call Marly and her expert team that will deliver. My husband’s brand and the demand for his product increased dramatically since SocialEyes Communications took care of us. No matter what. No matter when. We highly recommend their 5 star service. – Birgit & Adam Weiner, Harvey Kalles Real Estate Brokerage Inc. — @weiner.adam – Real Estate Agent.”

Employment Law Firm, Toronto (Founder)

“Marly and the team at SocialEyes Communications are dynamic and creative when it comes to creating marketing campaigns that is optimized for both lead generation but exposure that will generate leads organically as well. I have been very satisfied working with the SocialEyes team and continue to see proven results.”

TeksMed Services Inc., Tony Culhane (President)

“SocialEyes Communications has been helping us run our digital marketing and social media strategies since 2016. We can rely on the team to bring forward new ideas to optimize our online profile and drive our business. They stay dynamic and creative and we are continually impressed with their understanding of our business, brand and capability to produce original ideas. We are reaching a broader audience with relevant and timely content and we have gained a larger understanding of what needs to be done to reach our prospects in the digital world. “

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